You Never Answer Truly Tough Question Anymore, Why?


Dear Dr. Bob:

I love your forums. You are the best. But lately, it seems that you dodge the "hard ones" (no pun intended).

I've written 3 times, and no answer. Please help me. I'm freaking out.

Had sex with hooker. Estimated vaginal time was approximately 35 second to 45 seconds, but no more than 60 seconds. I replayed in my mind millions of times. So, I'm sure about that.

We used a condom. Did not break, tear, or leak.

Issue: it seems that she used Lubriderm hand lotion to lubricate the condom. Is this cause for concern? I have read somewhere about "microtears" being a problem. But all the HIV hotlines keep telling me: no worries. Even my doctor said "no worry." The only person who said, "worry" was a sex-ed person who works in a major condom store in the United States.

Is this cause for concern? I highly doubt that she even produced vaginal secretion in those 35-45 seconds as she definitely was not into this...but I don't know what to think.

Please help



"I never answer truly tough questions anymore????" Hmmm . . . well let's see, over the past few days I've answered questions about Parvovirus B19, HAART side effects for folks with full-blown AIDS, transfusion-dependent anemia, hypogonadism, CD4 immune recovery, heroin injection with shared syringe, sexual practices for magnetic couples, etc., etc., etc. And oh yeah, I almost forgot the guy who stuck a cucumber up where the sun doesn't shine. So, exactly what type of "hard ones" am I dodging? Oh, now I understand . . . I haven't addressed your specific truly tough question, right?

O.K. let's see what your complex dilemma involves. You are freaking out because you had 35 seconds of protected sex with a masseuse. Gosh, I can really understand why that crisis should move to the head of the line.

Actually, I'm not sure what you want me to say that your doctor and the emergency room physician and the archives haven't already said. So here we go again . . . .

  1. When oil-based products are used on latex (but not polyurethane), a chemical reaction occurs that can weaken the latex, eventually increasing the possibility the latex will rupture.

  2. Lubriderm contains mineral oil and petrolatum among other stuff.

  3. Lubriderm could potentially damage latex.

  4. Would this damage occur within 35-45 seconds??? Probably not. (I have no way of knowing the quality of latex in the specific condom, how tightly stretched the latex was over your massive manhood, how vigorous your 35 second dip in the pleasure pool happened to be, etc. etc. etc.)

  5. Was PEP warranted? Absolutely not.

  6. Do I think you have anything to worry about? I would say your odds of becoming HIV infected from this sex-capade are minimal. We do not even know the status of your lubridermer. But as always, the only way to find out for certain is to get tested at the three-month mark.

  7. Do I think this was a truly tough question? Sorry, guy, not even close.

Dr. Bob