neuropathy following primary HIV infection


Dr. Pierone, I've recently tested positive about 3 month ago. Before that I've tested negative in June. So I know how I got infected (french kissing). I just still can't believe this.. After my last exposure, I've developed symptoms of neuropathy (numbness, pricking and burning pain in my arm and legs) and continues til now. I haven't done the lab work nor am I on Med. Everything is happening so fast and I'm really lost. Is there any chance that neuropathy symptoms will go away on its own or would I need to take med to take care of this problem? I hear that hiv med itself can cause symptoms of neuropathy.. thank you.


Sorry to hear about your recent infection. Some people develop neuropathy with acute HIV infection, although it is not a common finding. Generally, the symptoms that develop as part of a primary retroviral syndrome tend to dissipate over time. You should have a viral load and CD4 count done to monitor your situation. Best of luck to you.