needle stick injury ,aspirating lymph node,please help


Dear Sir/Madam, I will like you to help me with a problem which is causing me a lot of anxiety.I am a resident pathology in India.A few days ago while doing F.N.A.C of cervical lymph node of a patient,who was later diagnosed as having Tuberculosis,I got a needle stick injury.The wound didn't bleed The H.I.V status of the patient could not be known,as he didn't attend the follow up.Iam already vaccinated for hepatitis B.My questions to you are : 1)What are my chances of getting H.I.V.Infection?

2)As I was needling the lymph nodes,known to be an important site for multiplication of & as reservoirs of the virus ,am I at greater risk then if the needle contained blood?

I hope you will surely reply my question and advice me on my future action


This sounds like a low risk exposure. A very fine needle and the lack of bleeding combine to be an unlikely source. However you may want to get an HIV and HCV PCR at 1 month to be absolutely sure. Also would not hurt to check your hepatitis A and B antibody levels to make sure that they are adequate for protection. Good luck! DTD