Needle HIV


I work at a tattoo shop and I got a little stressed out today. Someone recommended me this site. So I was piercing a clients nose and you know I did my job as normal used a brand new needle u never use old ones 14g hollow point. I then took the needle and put it back on the dental bib. Okay so within this time i put her jewelry in and cleaned her nose. People tell me that bacteria in blood dies when exposed to air I left that needle on table for a good 5 minutes. Later when she left and I was cleaning my station I was throwing everything away when the needle poked the shaft of my finger. I freaked out and poured alcohol all over it and squeezed my finger to get some of my blood out and patched it up it was a very small poke however like a grain of sand or less. I asked her if she had HIV or AIDS or any other STD or SYPHILIS she told me no but im still concerned my friends told me I should wait 6-7 weeks and get checked up i've never been checked up so it might be good anyway but what are the chances I might have gotten something????



Your risk of contracting a blood-borne disease, such as HIV or hepatitis, would be very low from the incident you describe. As you have never been screened for these illnesses in the past, I would recommend you get the appropriate screening performed. You'll need to wait until the three-month mark for a definitive HIV-antibody test result.

Finally, it's a good idea to dispose of any used needle in an appropriate sharps container right after use rather than putting it on a tray for disposal later.

Dr. Bob