i had unprotected oral sex with a prostitute, 3 months ago after a week i had muscle aches and currently have insomnia for about 1 month. ive tested negative from hiv from my 5 weeks and 7 weeks. i have rashes on my chest and feel week for the last 2 months , im in the navy. i need help. i believe that i have something, i wanted to take PEP where can i purchase it.


It is good that you tested negative for HIV after 7 weeks. The vast majority of people who will be infected will test positive by 6 weeks. The time for PEP from that exposure has passed, it would not help now even if you had been exposed. PEP should be started as soon as possible after a potential exposure, but no later than 48 hours. You should have yourself tested for syphilis (if you haven't recently) since that may cause the symptoms you are experiencing and is very common. Since you are in the navy you should be able to be checked out, have a 3 month HIV test (which, if negative, rules out HIV infection), get tested for hepatitis B and C (some cases of delayed HIV infection can occur if hepatitis C is present) and syphilis. Also they can get a look at the rash to see what may be causing it. It is also possible that your symptoms have nothing to do with the prostitute and you may have another medical problem altogether.