Could advise me in a good HIV doctor in the Miami area for my son I know you mention once that sometimes you come to Miami,my son's doctor is not taking the more reasonable insurance network anymore, and now the premium for next year will jump to $669 from $538, that was already pretty high, he is self employed so this comes from his pocket,just needed from you at least a couple of names to see if they are in the other network from Florida Blue,that is more reasonable,,call the office of Dr. Wohlfeiler and he is in the network we want,but unfortunately he is not taking new patients right now,please see if you could help me because we need to make a decision by next Monday. As allways THANKS so much for all you do for us. Worried mom (I am not worried now is just my user name here)


Hello Mom and thanks for posting.

Dr. Wohlfeiler works at AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Miami- while he might not be taking new patients, AHF's care providers are generally excellent.

Either way, I'd try to dialog with your son's case manager (assuming he has one) to help navigate the insurance and clinic options.

Hope that helps, and feel free to write me back. BY