what is an abscess on your vagina? where does it come from? why do we get them?


An abscess is a small collection of pus (that yellowish-white fluid, which consists of dead cells, tissue, and other stuff, that you might see when you pop a zit) that has formed as a result of your body fighting off a localized infection in your body's tissue. These infections can be caused by bacteria, foreign material, or other microorganisms. Most are treatable and are not necessarily related to sexually transmitted infections.

An abscess in the vaginal opening is called a "Bartholin's Abscess", named after the gland located in that area. Bartholin's abscess is most often caused by bacteria that cause gonorrhea, staph, and strep infections. It is important that you see a doctor if you have a lump around the opening of your vagina that is painful, does not improve in a few days, and/or is accompanied by fever. Treatment can resolve the abscess and relieve the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. It is important to be tested and treated for gonorrhea, if that is the cause.

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