I;ve just visited my ID doc and had a very determined discussion regarding the extra stomach fat I've accumlated and the new growth of a hump on the back of my neck, but its not had tissue, its more like water or soft to the touch. anyway I've ask him what can be done to rid me of this extra fat, "I was told there is nothing out there that can possibly help me. I told him that I know that there are studies with really no sure cure. I'e started out with a second opinion in Syracuse,NY to see someone else, or just change Dr.'s. Thsi one just wants to keep pushing pills and not really look at anything else that may help me.


I know this can be frustrating. It will be worth finding a good advocate within your doctor's office to talk turkey. While there is no complete answer to the questions of cause and treatment at this time, there is quite a bit of research attention being paid to the problem of fat redistribution.

Start with a few resources (see links below). You will need to consider the risk factors suggested by researchers and you and your health care team can plan to tackle what you can.

Meanwhile, make sure that you have a dietitian and exercise professional on your team to help you to tackle diet and exercise, which are likely to be very important parts of your "combination" therapy to slow and hopefully reverse fat changes. Keeping weight at a good level and stable is important, but so is smoking cessation, limiting alcohol intake, and a review of your current medications.

Best wishes!

HOPS Study Report listing risk factors

Medscape Review on Identifying and Managing Fat Changes