neck nodes, sore throats, exhausted, possible hiv symtoms? what test should I have done?


In Dec 00' I developed severe pneumonia like high fever sore throat, & dehydration for which I was treated. I was told it was a viral infection, no antibiotics were given.

Jan 16th 01' I developed cervical neck nodes, the treatment prescribed was antibiotics to treat these "neck cyst", having no effects on the nodes. Doctors did aspiration and full biopsys March 2 & 6th. Results were inconclusive. Doc thoughts were benign viral infection do to previous EBV or Mono. Currently I have persistent minor sore throat last 4 weeks and two neck nodes are still enlarged and I'm still very exausted. No Doctor suggested HIV test be done. After this test is done what other test should I have done? THANKS!!!


I'm glad to hear that you will get HIV tested. You need to know. Knowledge is power. You've already had lymph nodes biopsy. If not already done, you should have a chest x-ray, blood counts, liver function tests, LDH (a blood test), and perhaps a sed rate (another blood test). If all these tests are negative, then I would just recommend close follow-up, being seen perhaps monthly. I'm not sure anything else needs to be done, unless your symptoms get worse, or unless some of your tests point to an abnormality. Often the symptoms, which you describe, are the first signs of an internal illness; more often than not, the symptoms, which you describe, disappear without you ever knowing what caused them. Good luck. BD.