natural, safe immune system boosters?


hiya. apologies if i'm posting in the wrong area, but this seems the closest match. i'm recently positive, and am wondering if there are any non-prescription supplements (or even recommended foods) that would give my immune system a boost. although i'm less than a year positive, my cd4 level hovers around 350-400, vl ranges from 6k to a recent 46k. my numbers seem less than ideal for being so recently infected, just wondering if there's a natural, non-toxic boost i can give my immune system. more background: i exercise 3-4x a week, am 32, lean, have a healthy diet. thanks!


There are many (hundreds) of immune boosters that are marketed, but none that I could recommend (hard to know if they are toxic or if they work). I think that a well balanced diet, exercise, multivitamin (perhaps a few supplements) is all that the evidence supports.

Maybe what we should be doing is not boosting the immune system, but suppressing the immune system. See this link to an amfAR article that discusses this concept. Thanks for posting.