Name of test to check STDs including HIV


Which test I need to do for checking STDs including HIV?


Diagnosis of different sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, require different procedures. For diagnosis of HIV infection, the most reliable and widely used tool is the antibody screening assay (like the EIA or ELISA). For syphilis, diagnosis is established through a VDRL or RPR blood test, which looks for antibodies to the bacteria that cause syphilis. To diagnose genital herpes, blood tests to detect antibodies can be performed, but a clinical exam confirming the presence of herpes lesions is more useful for the patient (this may include performing a culture from fluid from sores). Chlamydia can be screened for through a urine sample or through collecting a specimen from the cervix or urethra; in some cases gonorrhea can be diagnosed in similar ways. Genital warts are diagnosed through a clinical examination.

And the list goes on.

If you are concerned about a particular sexually transmitted infection, believe you are at risk for one or many, or you are experiencing symptoms that seem related to an STI, see your doctor for an examination and to explore your screening options. Unforunately, there is no single test to screen for multiple STIs.