How Naive I Am?


Dear Dr. Bob: You have been kind enough to answer me in the past and I hope that you'll have time to answer this one, since it's different than what has happened to me before. I always mutually masturbate with lube only; however, recently a guy decided to use his precum to rub on my head and shaft before I realized. Have I put myself in any danger? We also cuddled and he laid on top of me and grinded his penis into my pubic area, the area above the penis where the bush of hair grows. Both of these were new to me. Should I be tested? I know it's an individual decision, but would you if you were me, or should I just move on and continue to enjoy? Thanks again. Your donation is on its way. Much love, The Naive Man


Hello Nave Man,

Frottage the ol' bump and grind without penetration is not considered a risk for HIV transmission. As for the precum-as-lubricant scenario, well, there would be a very slight theoretical risk, as precum can contain HIV. If fresh HIV-infected precum were to get into the urethra (pee hole), HIV could theoretically be absorbed across the intact mucous membrane of the urethra. The chances of this actually happening are somewhat remote. However, if you're worried, the testing option is always available to you. To get an accurate and definitive test, you'll need to wait until the three-month mark for an ELISA or a rapid test. Should you continue to enjoy life and move on from your worry, even if you plan to test at the three-month mark? Yes! The odds are beyond astronomically that you did not contract HIV from this manhandling event!

Good luck. Thanks for your donation (

Dr. Bob