Nail scratching ((HIV infection)) (HIV TRANSMISSION FROM FINGERNAIL SCRATCH, 2011)


Hi Dr. Robert,

I had sex with a lady that I don't know. I used a cndom, but my concern that she was scratching me with her fingernail, the scratch was in my arm about 1 cm. I am worried that there was a fluid that include HIV under her nail.

I have done pcr test after 22 days and the result was negative.

Please help me, what is the risk of getting HIV in my case?

I am so sceared please answer me urgently.

I will do my best for the donation



Hello, Tom.

Your HIV-acquisition risk is essentially nonexistent, assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not fail (break). HIV is not transmitted via nail scratching. See link below.

Dr. Bob

please show me the way..........(HIV TRANSMISSION FROM FINGERNAIL SCRATCH, 2011)Jul 12, 2011