NAIL SALON FAN! i love you pls answer


Hi Dr. Bob, You are such an amazing human being! Really, your website is where i come too if i ever have any q's re transmission and i always find an answer HOWEVER, this Q was nowhere in the archives so i am trying my luck and hopefully will be lucky enough for an answer! ;) I was at the nail salon today and after she polished some color on my nails she turned the drying fan towards my face and then turned it on! Is there any way there could have been some blood on that fan and once on could have gotten in my eye? Am i being craaaaaaaazy or shall i get tested in 3 months. Please please help me! i loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu



HIV transmission from a drying fan in a nail salon blowing in your face? Dearie, please be reasonable. Even the other kind of blow-job carries only a minimal risk at best for HIV transmission! Your risk is in reality completely nonexistent. Somehow I'm not at all surprised you didn't find another question like this in the archives!!!

Be well. And keep those nails looking fabulous, without the unwarranted worry. OK?

Dr. Bob