Nail clipper?


I went to a podiatrist and he cut one of my nail with a nail clipper. Then he place the clipper inside a metal box with a type of solution(which i don't know). Inside the box they where other types of instruments that i don't know if where used. He forgot to cut my other nail and he took the nail clipper out of the box and cut my nail and blood from my toe came out. What is the probability that i get HIV? I'm concern about the others instruments inside that box.


Hi there,

I'm sorry you're experiencing stress over this incident. Based on the events you describe here, you are at no risk for HIV. HIV cannot survive long outside the human body. It must have a direct route of transmission from one person's body into the mucous membranes of another, hence why sexual transmission or IV drug transmission are the more common routes between adults. Please visit our wonderful resource here at TheBody for more detailed information (

Depending on the podiatrist, it is mostly likely that he was using a solution to keep reusable clippers clean and sterile to protect you from other germs/bacteria. It is quite rare for anyone to get any type of infection from a licensed podiatrist.

When in doubt, I recommend getting tested for HIV and talking with your doctor about other tests that can help you learn about your body, and get peace of mind. I hope you and your well manicured feet feel better soon!