How long do the treatments last.? Will Medicaid cover this...I am HIV+ for the last 16 years and chose not to do Allopathic drugs (except a 3 month period) those drugs do more damage than good. please email me.


NuFill (now called Sculptra in US) injections are used for the treatment of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy). To my knowledge medicaid (state based health insurance in the US) has not been covering the treatments (please post if any reader is aware of a state that has a policy of paying for Sculptra treatments). The manufacturer has a program wherein Sculptra is provided for qualifying patients who have an income below some set limit-the cost of the injections is not covered and has to be paid for my the patient. The durability of the injections varies from patient ot patient but most patients have been satisfied for more than one year and still counting. KH