mycobacterium avium complex


Dear Doctor,

I would like to know the answer to my question ; what is

the connection between HIV/AIDS and TB? An acquaintance

of mine had an acid- fast-bacilli sputum culture done and the results were mycobacterium avium complex. Negative

for TB. I did research from my books and my results turned out to be associated with HIV/AIDS. I did not ask my

acquainteance personal questions I did not want to think

that I was making any judgement on the lifestyle. I am

not against any one's sexual preference, and as I know

there is no I.V. drug use.

Thank-you for your time and consideration.


[email address]

P.S. I realize that it is up to his own personal physician

to explain the outcome of the tests and the findings, and point my acquaintance in to the proper treatment and care.

you may email me back!


While Mycobacterium avium is considered an HIV related infection it can also infect people who do not have HIV- it can cause lung disease in people with underlying lung diseases and can also sometimes be a comtaminant- and not really cause any problems. One should not assume someone is HIV + by finding M avium in the sputum.