My Final Thoughts on AIDS 2018, and a Farewell to Amsterdam

Mark S. King

In this, my final video report from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I review the week and the stories that captured my imagination at the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018), and I take a look forward to 2020 and the looming controversy about the next scheduled location in San Francisco.

How can the International AIDS Society, and our global community of health and human rights activists, allow the conference to proceed in a country that has become so horribly inhospitable to all the key populations affected by HIV/AIDS -- including thousands of them hoping to attend in 2020? Be sure to follow the #AIDS2020ForAll hashtag to stay informed on this issue.

I must express my gratitude to MPact Global Action for Gay Men's Health and Rights for making it possible for me to attend AIDS 2018 and bring you my coverage. In other words, they coughed up some major Euros for my co-producer Theo Tsipiras and me to make the trip. And my coverage wouldn't have reached an audience without media partners TheBody and Queerty!

As my jetlag wears off and I return to life back here in the States, I feel nothing but gratitude for this opportunity, and a deep humility for my privileged place in the global community of those living with HIV. Thank you for following this coverage, and for your supportive comments and virtual hugs.

Thanks for watching, my friends, and please be well.

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