My Early Years -- and Why I Am Sharing Them

Now everyone can read a lot more about me as a young girl in's Women's Resource Center. I am sharing this story as a part of my journey struggling as an HIV-positive woman and mother, and even way before the disease came into my body.

At least the audience or even the reader will have a clearer picture of who I am and how I have been raised in this country, Malaysia. Life pushes us to the brink of life and having HIV DOES NOT determined how that life will be. In fact for me, HIV is the best thing that ever happened to me; it makes me feel grateful about life and about people outside my country.

For those who believe that the world out there where you have been living is hell: Think again, and read my stories as well as others' who have suffered the same kinds of predicaments as I am. The world is not over even if you do carry HIV in your blood and your body, because your soul and spirit will not die if you believe in fighting hard ...

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