My Birthday Is Here!

OMG!!!!! In a few days I will be 40 YEARS OLD!!! and 24 years living with HIV! When I was infected in 1989 at the age of 16 and then diagnosed 1 week after my 18th bday, on April 18 1991, IT WAS A DEATH SENTENCE! They gave us MAX 10 YEARS TO LIVE. I wrote in my Hello Kitty diary that max I would live to see 28 and that is how it was. We had no meds!! No viral load exams! No social media or internet! NOTHING! IT WAS A DEATH SENTENCE! NOW IT IS A LIFE SENTENCE!! BUT ... I AM HERE. Please, when you know better, you do better! Get tested, know your status! Do not trust anyone with your life!! And use protection!

I am blessed! I am here! and I will continue to fight Until There's A Cure or my last breath. It is living or dying for me! I WANT LIFE!


P.S. -- For those that might be interested, check out this vblog about a poz cruise I am involved in ... it is a really special treat for people living with (and affected by) HIV and their families: