Mutual Masturation Question: Donation from Chile


Dr Doctor Bob:

Im Sebastian, I wrote you from Chile three months ago, I remind you my case and your answer:

Hello Dr.Bob, I am writting you from Chile,my name is Sebastian. First Id like to say you that your work is excelent and a useful help for many persons who seek information about HIV.My question is related to a "rare" situation that I had with a shemale guy,We didnt have anal nor oral sex,only mutual masturbation. His semen fall in my chest (I dont have any cut) and after two minutes I took a piece of toilet paper and cleaned my skin,in a stupid mistake I took the same piece of toilet paper with the semen of this guy and I cleaned my penis,fortunately I realized of this thing and inmediately wash my genitales. I dont have hurts in my penis and I dont think that his semen has been able to get in touch with my urethra.Dear Dr. BoB what is your opinion about my exposure risk? Should I be tested?. Please I ask for your help. A worried latinamerican guy. Best regards

Response from Dr. Frascino Hi Sebastian from Chile, Your HIV risk is so remote as to be virtually nonexistent. Personally I do not feel HIV testing is warranted. However, the option to test is always open to you. If you do decide to test, remember to wait at least three months from the time of potential exposure so that your test results will be definitive. Stay safe. Stay well. Good luck.

Your answer was very encouraging, but Im very anxious because, regardless of my local service of counseling they think that my exposure risk was minimal a little chance of infection could be happen because they say that the penis (complete) is a mucous and so a risky zone to infect. I cant ignore this situation perhaps due a feeling of guilt with my formal couple. I need one more time your advice and if you say that a test is necessary Ill do it but I ll need your good luck karmas, I promise send a donation of 50 dollars to your Foundation, but Dr. Bob please answer me, I cant develop my life in a normal form and Im tired of this situation.

Thanks a lot for your help you are an angel.



Hello Sebastian from Chili,

My opinion and advice remain unchanged. I will correct one thing your "local service of counseling" told you. The "complete penis" is not a "mucous!" In fact, only the urethra (the conduit ending in the "pee-hole") is lined with a mucous membrane and therefore vulnerable to absorbing HIV across its surface. The rest of the penis (shaft) is covered with normal skin. HIV cannot permeate intact skin. Your risk is nonexistent. The only reason to get an HIV test, in my opinion, is to put your unwarranted worries permanently to rest.

Thank you for your donation (

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob