Mutual Male Masterbation


Hi Dr. Frascino, I am a happily married man with two boys and another on the way. Ever since I was in grade school, I've been curious about the same sex. I've always kept this curiousity to myself, until recently. I met a complete stranger in a bathroom and we both masterbated each other with the same hand. We both touched our own penis and then proceeded to masterbate each other until we ejaculated. I managed to not get his semen on my hand...and I was the first to ejaculate. I did not see any obvious open sores on him or any blood anywhere. This is all the sexual activity that took place. I am now worried to the point of a nervous breakdown. Most of it is guilt which I have disclosed to my wife about. She is very supportive and love me to death...she will help me get this incident behind us and move on with keeping our marriage together. We truely love each other to death. I now think that I have gotten HIV and find myself going crazy constantly checking my body for "the signs and symptoms of HIV (ARS)" This encounter happened on 05/05/10 (three weeks ago). My question...Can I have gotten HIV from this experience? My doctor said that there is no scientific evidence to show that I can get hiv from mutual masterbation. I'm coming to you for some guidance and clarity. Please help me.

Thank you.



I agree with your doctor. Mutual masturbation is not a risk for HIV. Relax Max. You are freaking out primarily because this was your first same-sex encounter. I'm glad you leveled with your wife and I believe you do love each other. However, since you've been "curious" ever since you were in grade school, I would suggest you consider couples counseling to explore sexual orientation issues.

Dr. Bob