Muscle Aching and HIV


Dear Doc. Bob, Im writing to you from Italy (so, please, excuse me if my Englishs not always correct). I see youve got an Italian surname any parents around here (I live in Milan)?

Ill explain my problem: due to an incredible amount of stress, which caused me even some panic attacks, Ive tried to relax my mind going out with some prostitutes (4) in the last few months. Considering Im hypocondiac too (what a life!!!), I made them perform only protected oral sex on me. During the sessions, I didnt notice any strange thing like a broken condom or something like this (the first time the condom went off, but she noticed it immediately and finished with her hand): I was a bit drunk all the times, but Im sure I always used a condom. Ive not experienced any symptom related to a possible HIV infection (except for swollen lymph nodes, but Im lymphatic, so Its a problem Ive experienced a sensational number of times in my life). Now I was reading some posts on oral/safe sex and I noticed that, among symptoms of HIV, theres muscle aching. I nearly had a panic attack!!!

Some time ago (2 3 weeks after the first act) I experienced, for the first time in my life, a big pain on my calf muscles (mostly on the right leg) that lasted for a week, than disappeared and than came back again for a week. It was a huge pain, especially after some rest: if I forced myself to walk, the pain slowly faded away. At the beginning, I didnt think that this kind of pain could be related to HIV, but now this muscle aching among symptoms is making me very anxious (well, maybe I always am anxious).

Dr.Bob the Italian ;-), would you get tested in my situation? Could I be HIV+ or its just (it wouldnt be the first time) the latest expression of my over-anxious mind?

Expect a donation and some typical Italian food delivered directly to your door (pasta, pizza, penne aglio, olio e peperoncino and some good Italian wine).

Thanks a lot!


Buon Giorno Amico!

My roots are a bit further south than Milan. We are Neapolitans. (We have better pizza, but you have better shopping!)

Regarding your questions:

  1. Protected oral sex poses no risk for HIV transmission.

  2. Your calf muscle pain is not related to HIV.

  3. I see no need for HIV testing.

  4. Yes, your only real problem is anxiety.

Thank you for your donation (

E mille grazie per il pasto italiano bello!

Stay safe. Stay well.


Dr. Bob