multiple new drugs for multi drug resistance


Nelson with Ibalizumab available and now Apricitabine about to be available thru a named patient scheme, how can we get the word out about the benefits of multiple new drugs to those with multi drug resistance? are u m184 and will u look at both?

Apricitabine ATC Named Patient Scheme (NPS) Activities to make ATC available through a Named Patient Scheme are underway and proceeding according to plan. ATC batches for the NPS capsules are being shipped to the manufacturer and raw materials have been sourced. Analytical methods, reference standards and release specifications are being established. Labelling requirements and delivery depot details have been supplied by Link, Avexas ATC marketing partner.

The expected delivery date is during Q3 calendar year 2014.


Avexa is a small company with funding issues. Their drug may not help people with extensive multidrug resistance.

That single patient access program applies only to Australia. The company has not communicated any news to me in the past two years about their plans for the United States.

Watch out for these two drugs from BMS: an attachment inhibitor prodrug (BMS-663068) and a maturation inhibitor (BMS-955176). These two, along with ibalizumab and possibly ViiV's 744 long acting integrase, will be of great help for people living with extensive HIV multidrug resistance. We won't have access to a combination of any two of these drugs for at least 1-2 years, though.

Attachment inhibitor

Maturation Inhibitor