mr. worried again.


Dear Bob, Mr. worried writing again. I have written a few times but never got a reply. I know you get a ton of questions but I could really use an answer. 12 years ago I had unprotected sex with a girl a couple of times. I don't remember having any symptoms afterwards. I have since married and haven't been with anyone else but my wife. I have lately had some illnesses and am wondering if it is hiv related. I have had stomach problems(slight pain,loss of appitite) had sore throat for a couple days a few weeks ago, some fatigue, and a few swollen glands. Went to doctor a couple times and she gave me tagament for stomach and thought I may have acid reflux. She did a cbc 6 weeks ago and said everything looked ok. Stomach started acting up 2 weeks ago so went back and she did another cbc which she said looked normal and put me on protonix. I haven't had any other symptoms (night sweats, diarea, bad fatigue) or had any bad illnesses but I'm worried it may just be starting. I guess I'm asking can a person go 12 years without syptoms and would my cbc have abnormal readings if I did have hiv this long. Please respond because I'm going crazy thinking about it. I promise a donation if you give a response. Thank you.


Hello Mr. Worried Again,

You had unprotected sex with a girl a couple of times 12 years ago, and you think that your recent "stomach problems (slight pain, loss of appetite)" and "couple of days of some throat" and "some fatigue" and "a few swollen glands" are related to HIV? I think that the chances of that are similar to that proverbial snowball's chances in hell.

Certainly unprotected sex can pose a risk for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. If you were worried, STD screening and HIV screening are both readily available. Specifically, you ask about a CBC (complete blood count). This test is not a test for STD's. Nor is it a test for HIV. It cannot be used to screen for, suggest, or diagnose HIV.

Hope that helps clarify things for you.

Thanks for your donation.

Dr. Bob