Dr. Young, Hope you can find time to answer becasue your oponion is very important to me. Tested Poz. in Oct. My TCell are 588 and VL is only 9K. Dr. DeJesus does not feel it is time for treatment. However, over the past three weeks I have had a few mouth ulcers on the inside cheek and now one on the inside lower Lip. Is this common with folks with HIV or can it be caused by stess? Should I be worried? Is it worth making a special Apt. with DeJesus or just mention it on June 1 when I see him? I don't want to be that patient who freaks out about everything and I soooo respect his professional oponion and don't want to seem like a worry wart, but sometimes I am. It sees when I rinse with mouth wash they quickly go away...Please help.


Thanks for your post and follow up.

I agree with Dr. Dejesus that you don't currently need HIV medications. The mouth ulcers can be a bother--the essential thing is to understand what the cause is-- most commonly they are caused by herpes virus or simple apthous ulcers (canker sores). If they go away with simple mouth wash, I'm not sure that they're worth a "special" appointment with Dr. Edwin. Just let him know what your symptoms are the next time that you see him.

Best, BY