mouth ulcer while licking breast & vaginal fluids during masturbation?


Dr. Bob your awesome and I thank you for such a help to people....can u answer my query please?

  1. While getting a handjob a girl was nude and what if she has some vaginal fluids on her hands and her hands touched head of my penis? But yes some body cream was also used by her for lubrication..
  2. What if I had licked the girls breast nipple(no milk) for few seconds and had a small mouth ulcer in my mouth which was not paining nor bleeding.

Are there any chances of HIV infection? is HIV test warranted?.. Please answer i will donate.



  1. HIV risk essentially nonexistent

  2. HIV risk nonexistent

The only reason to even consider HIV testing would be for psychological peace of mind. Testing is not medically warranted.

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Be well.

Dr. Bob