I had a vaginal ultrasound three months ago. I suspect the device was not properly sterilized and didn't see the nurse put a condom on the device, which she should. Within this three months period I have been experiencing sore throat, mild fever(around 99.5F), swollen lymph nodes in the neck. I had both a hiv test and a mono test at three months, the hiv test was negative but the mono was positive. I have no idea where I got it. My question is, does it take longer for people with monovirus(impaired immune system)to produce antibody to hiv? Is there any relationship between mono and hiv? Do people with hiv have mono-like symptoms or do they have the actual virus that causes mono?I'm still scared to death. Please help!


First of all, refer to my response to Very confused-what is for a description of infectious mononucleosis and Mono and HIV.

To answer your question about the relationship between mono and HIV, there really is none. Primary infection with HIV and Epstein-Barr Virus (the virus that causes mono) can present with similar symptoms. People with HIV presenting with "mono-like" symptoms is just a description to help people understand what primary HIV infection looks like; it does not mean that they have mononucleosis as well.

It is common for people to not know from whom they got infectious mononucleosis. It is transmitted through saliva. Sometimes we come into contact with other people's saliva more than we think. Mono is a common illness and is almost never fatal.

The fact that your HIV test was negative at three months is a highly reliable sign that you are uninfected.