Money Can't Buy You Time, but HIV Makes Life More Precious

Have you ever been faced with your own mortality? When I was at the end of active addiction to heroin, I thought I wanted to die and wanted time to stop. When I was diagnosed with AIDS, I thought I was going to die and didn't want time to end. In either case, life was being measured in time.

There have been many moments in my life where I would like to have had the power to stop, rewind, or fast forward time, but I never have figured out how to do that. When I was facing imminent death, the best I could do is to take my watch off and stop being manipulated by my perception of time. Every moment we spend here on this plane of existence is truly an opportunity to resolve the questions that life has for each of us. The blessing of my life is that my "reality" has motivated me to understand more fully what time is, and how I could best use what time is allotted to me.

In my opinion, time is a way to measure our human existence. It can be useful to look in the past at how our lives and humanity have evolved. Life is an experiment. We do not have all the answers, but we make "educated" guesses based on the outcomes of similar experiences we have had or observed. We often try to predict the future the same way; by guessing what will happen based on what has already happened in past similar situations. Mostly, our future is predicated on the assumption that we will be here and alive to be a part of it. As we see on a daily basis all over the world, life often ends abruptly in more ways than I can imagine. From being bombed by a drone, shot by a deranged sniper, hit by a drunk driver, poisoned by a power hungry dictator, or simply waking up dead from starvation; there are an infinite number of ways for our life clocks to stop. That is not morbid; it is a fact of life. So what are we going to do while we are here?

In one of my favorite books, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I got a better grasp on the way I had been distracted by my own mind and ego away from the purpose of life. My mind and ego continually conspire to keep me locked in the past or the future. The confusion that creates does not allow me to fully participate in this now moment. It is in this now moment that my past and future are created.

Everything that is created in this material world begins with a thought. My mind may think whatever it wants, but I have the ability to change or filter those thoughts into the actions that will manifest whatever I focus on. Furthermore, like when we pray together or visualize and act together as a group, we have the ability to create an outcome that supersedes probability. We see that happen all the time in sporting events when fans seemingly will their teams to victory. So, why do so many spend our most valuable commodity, time, in the pursuit of money?

Money can't buy you time. Recent reports show that income inequality in the United States is at perilously high levels. Major media is corporate driven, and will not work against its own self-interest. Money is energy, and it should be used for the improvement of the lives of those of us here on the planet. Instead, there are a few with more than they could ever need or use, and many, many more with barely enough to get by. So, in order to maintain life, the masses are spending the even more valuable commodity of time trying to get money. Medications, food, fuel ... everything costs money! Now is the time to change the way business is done. We live in strange times where greed trumps what is good for the planet and the people. I'm not rich, but I am focused on using my time to change the flow of energy. We must come together to change our priorities. That would be a great way to use our time, right? Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, NOW is the time to RISE!