mom of 2 year old


think this may be a crazy question but I am still upset.

My son shared a drink (through a straw) with a child I didn't know. my son put his mouth on the straw and I'm sure drank some before I could scream "NO"!

What keeps running through my mind is sometimes my son's teeth may bleed a little after I brush them AND I have no way of knowing if there was any blood in the other child's mouth...I am frightened that IF the other child was HIV + (and I have no way of knowing this) my son could have contracted it this way.

My son has healthy gums, it is just the toothbrush may come out with a little blood if I am overzealous about his brushing. I did brush his teeth that day a few hours before we went to the playground and now I am so upset, I can't remember if there was any blood that day.

Do I need to worry or am I being a first time mom and overreacting??


HIV is not transmitted through sharing a drink or a drinking straw with another person. If your son got blood in HIS mouth from another HIV infected person, then there might be some risk, but that is so unlikely to happen. There is no evidence that HIV has ever been spread through casual contact (see the CDC's frequently asked questions about transmission and prevention

It sounds like you are pretty anxious about your child's health and hygiene. Having a child, especially your first one, can be stressful and many people need support while undertaking the tasks of parenthood. If you find that your worry and anxiety are creating difficulties for you or your family, seek out professional help. See the National Institiute of Mental Health's information on anxiety to help you assess your situation (