Dr. Ben, I forgot to ask you during my recent appointment, but I am in a relationship with a great man and I am allways paranoid that something will happen and my partner will get infected by me. Is there a study going on where he could take medications to prevent or lower his chance of becoming positive? I do not want to always over react but, that is me sometimes.Again I think you are great and really help ALOT of people through your work here in Denver and on the web. Thanks again for any information


Thanks for posting and your comments.

There's no medication that we'd routinely recommend for prevention of HIV in sero-discordant (or magnetic) couples.

There aren't any actively enrolling studies on pre-exposure treatment that I'm aware of. Though it is of some note that international studies show a protective effect of circumcision in reducing HIV acquisition.

On the other hand, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can be used after a high-risk exposure (unprotected, or the broken condom). PEP is effective in reducing the risk of HIV transmission after such events.

Hope this helps. Write back anytime. BY