Mix up between Twinrix and Hep B vaccine


I had my first A/B vaccination with Twinrix in August last year. 4 weeks later due to a mix-up I received only a Hep B Vaccine and nothing against Hep A. Now I'm due for the third dose i.e. second dose for Hep A. Can I get Twinrix and do a booster Hep A vaccination at a later date or what can I do to protect myself against Hep A now.


Twinrix is made up of two component vaccines - Engerix for HBV and Havrix for Hepatitis A. Twinrix is given on a schedule of 0,1 and 6 months or an accelerated schedule of 0,7, 21 to 30 days and a booster at 12 months. It offers the convenience of getting two immunizations with one shot and is very effective.

If you are anxious about hepatitis A (eg, you will soon be leaving on a trip to an endemic area) you can get an additional injection of Havrix now, which has twice the Hepatitis A antigen dose than Twinrix. Then you can also get your third Hepatitis B shot as Engerix. When Havrix is given separately the dose of Hepatitis A antigen is 1440 compared to 720 with Twinrix.

Discuss your options also with your doctor.