Missed while shooting meth


I was shooting meth I'm pretty new to it and have missed twice before and it burned and hurt bad. I inserted the needle in vein center of arm right above elbow. Needle flagged not real good but it did flag. I injected 50 unite with no pain or burn but afterward my lower arm in a different places went numb and I didn't get the rush or high, so I'm sure I missed but why didn't it burn or hurt? And why numbness? I'm not going to hospital but would like to know if there is something I can do for it. Thank u.


Thanks for writing. Injecting drugs is a hazardous thing to do. There are many complications that can occur. It sounds like you may have hit a nerve, or went through the vein and the resulting swelling from the injected fluid could have affected a vein.

Injection site injuries are serious and very often require an ER visit. It is possible to treat at home by using warm compresses and elevating the area, but if any redness, heat or swelling occurs you absolutely need to seek medical help immediately.

The best solution, of course, is to get off meth. Since you're new to it, especially since you say you are new to it. Injecting results in an intense intoxication that is extremely addictive. Get help and get off the drug.

Good luck,