My partner has been on meds since June of 2010. He has hovered at a viral load of <20 copies to somewhere in the 30s and 40s (his doctor says this is nothing to worry about, last test was a viral load of 33). He hasn't missed a does once in over 14 months but last night he fell asleep and realized in the morning that he had forgotten to take his second dose of Isentress. He takes Truvada as well. He took his morning dose of both a little earlier and now he's panicked since he's read that Isentress has a low resistance barrier. Should he be worried?


Hello and thank you for your post.

No need for panic here at all. Since your partner currently has an undetectable viral load, there's virtually no risk in a single missed dose.

With raltegravir (recommended to be dosed twice daily), a single missed dose could be "caught up" by taking two pills at the subsequent time-- just as your partner did.

Be well, both of you, BY