Mild running nose, sticky phlegm and clogged nose


I'm experiencing mild running nose, having sticky phlegm and clogged nose since oct. 16,2012. The date was also the day I had my last exposure which is the massage therapist licked my nipple and scrotum area then gave me a handjob while she let me finger her. I'm scared that because of these incident I may have been infected with HIV that is now compromising my immune system and now experiencing such running nose and stuff. But other that this I don't have fever and other symptoms. Your kind enlightenment on this case will be highly appreciated. Thanks. By the way, my other exposure was nipple sucking and handjob last July 5,2012. No penetrative intercourse. Should I move on with this incident and consider them unrelated?


Hi there:

You should most definitely move on from this incident. Nipple licking and digital penetration fall very low on the risk scale. I would not be concerned. As for your clogged nose and phlegm, that sounds like it could be allergies or a perhaps even a cold. It has nothing to do with HIV.

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