Mild pulmonary Hypertention


Hi. Recently Because i was having chest pain frequently my dr ordered a echocardiogram. The results came back as follows. color flow Doppler studies reveals mild tricuspid regurgitation. ( i assum this is mitral valve prolaps?) . Estimated Pulmonary artery systolic pressure is 38mm/Hg. Conclusion: Mild tricuspid regurgitation with Mild pulmonary hypertension. This study is otherwise within normal limits.

My issue and question is this. The cadiologist said if this is the worst thing you have , you are better then most. I felt that was innapropriate since he knew i was very worried and concerned. He just see you in a year for a check up. However my HIV dr, is sending me to a pulmonist. He feels that pulmonary hypertension in any stage for an HIV person can be serious.

So my question is , Do I need to worry here. I have a really hard time catching my breath. Very light headed most the time. And no one seems to attempt to do anything to releave that. It will be 6 more weeks till i see the pulmonist so i guess i had to deal with this.

let me also say I am an emotional wreck. Is this going to kill me anytime soon. ??

PS, I am overweight and quit smoking two months ago. Working on the weight thing.


The tricuspid valve (on the right side of your heart) is NOT the mitral valve which is on the left side. Pulmonary hypertension can be associated with HIV infection, but is also seen in many people without HIV infection. If the tricuspid valve does not close properly, then blood can back up into the lungs and cause you to be short of breath. The echo result as you report it does not seem to be that significant. That said, if you are having symptoms, that has to be sorted out. It could very well be just being over weight or from lung damage from smoking or it could be the pulmonary hypertension. The lung specialist should hopefully sort that out. You are not in any grave danger at this point.