I might have HIV


In 2005 I had Twinrix shots. I have never had sex in any form with anyone other than my wife in 28 years. In 2006 I went on a business trip and we went to a strip bar. She knows I do this and she is OK with it. There were about 6 guys and one paid for a lap dance. She held her breast at my face and the rubbed on my face. I was just diagnosed with Hepatitis B and I am concerned I have HIV. I just had a blood test for HIV but I can't wait for 2 weeks. I have a small white spot on my lower lip. I have tingling in my toes and finger tips. My nose has been more runny than normal but I have had sinus problems my whole life and it is 35 below zero here. I could never eat a hot meal without getting up 3 to 4 times to blow my nose my nose whole life. For two years everyone has gotten colds around me and I never do. I was a fairly heavy drinker until weeks ago and just quit. I have worked out my whole life and stopped 3 years ago due to injuries. I quit drinking and started working out again 3 weeks ago and every day I am getting stronger. My workouts are very aggressive. Does this sound like someone with HIV?


I would not consider these symptoms of HIV.

As for your HBV, it is important to get follow-up to find out if you have chronic infection. If so, your wife should also be vaccinated.