Meth and same sex forays


I was just reading "what's new at the body" via my E mail alert.And on the front page was a writeup on methamphetamine and HIV.I wrote to you a question some time ago about how this affected my life and sexual tendencies(now being HIV+.)I haven't done this meth garbage in over 7 years now,nor desired same sex gratification...But as a heterosexual meth-user,I recall that while on the drug,There were times when "ms.Right now" wasn't available. But,I didn't care who the partner was male or female,while under the influence of meth,I was in such a state of drug-induced desire for hypersexed instant gratification and nowhere else do you find that kind of available satisfaction than with the single,sexually active gay community.Single gay men,being men,will seemingly have sex anytime with anyone. regardless of circumstance.Im addressing the types that hang out in parks and whatnot(so I knew where to go)...There were a couple times when I was in a local park where I had been approached once before(wasnt under the influence) and told the guy he was barking up the WRONG tree. My point here being,and possible question is that under the influence of meth I would become uninhibited enough to have encounters with men.It was nearly impossible for me to become erect and I never reciprocated(except once as I recall)But I was always baffled at the fact that the drug effectedmy libido to that degree.While on meth,all I wanted was a hot girl to be available,Often masturbating to 'straight' porn videos for hours.But eventually would have these few encounters with men. Meth is a very dangerous drug in more ways than one...Dr.Bob,I know what you'll say-"you have a bisexual personality and meth brought you out of the closet". This is simply not the case and I am writing you this because if I did it.I know thousands are doing it if using this drug. I may not have been exposed in these encounters...I took a stick in the finger when I went into a girlfriends house to find a needle on the table that her company was using to inject the stuff(which I abhored,I never angered me)So,in my anger when jamming the orange cap on the insulin pin to throw it away,it poked through the side of the cap and went right into my finger.Later I found out he was HIV+. I actually find it unimportant how I was infected 6 years later now...But methamphetamine,had such an effect on my brain that I was going out and having same sex...risky behavior!.And ONLY while high on meth.I was always repulsed the next day or whenever it was over.And the funny thing was,I always had a girlfriend any time these encounters would take place...She obviously wasn't available enough at the time...Final analysis?? This drug can/will effect a persons limbic system/libido andsonality to the point of danger and literally change thier character to subject them to high-risk situations...Such as unprotected exposure to HIV...Which is pretty exrtreme.I want you and your readers to know that experiences such as mine are helping spread this unfortunate and tragic virus.

I know this is no secret,but if readers could reply to this comment,the replies of similar stories would be staggering I bet...

Im now happily married and had a beautiful baby girl my 3rd year of taking meds...Everyones healthy...Amen.



"Single gay men, being men, will seemingly have sex anytime with anyone, regardless of circumstance???" What????? And just how do we spell "stereotype???"

You assessed the meth phenomenon accurately when you wrote ". . . under the influence of meth I would become uninhibited enough to have encounters with men." BINGO! I agree. Meth does not change your sexual orientation; it merely lowers your inhibitions. What happens after that is you without all your hang-ups and, unfortunately, without enough rational cognition to keep yourself safe.

Another point we both agree on is that meth sucks (and not in the good way either!).

Dr. Bob