Metairie, Louisiana, Man Booked with Exposing Woman to AIDS Virus

A Metairie, La., man exposed at least one woman and possibly several women to AIDS by having unprotected sex with them even though he knew he had HIV, Zachary police said. Darryl K. Womac, 38, is being held in lieu of $15,000 bond and did not comment on the charges.

Womac, a computer programmer, was arrested in New Orleans and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish jail on a charge of intentionally exposing someone to HIV. In addition to the nurse from Zachary who filed the complaint with city police, three or four other women in Baton Rouge and New Orleans may have been exposed, Detective David McDavid said.

The nurse filed her complaint last week after having unprotected sex with Womac repeatedly over 5 months before an anonymous caller told her that Womac had HIV. She asked Womac to take an AIDS test on September 12, and he informed her on January 15 that he was HIV-positive. On February 7, he wrote to her to say that he had not known he had HIV.

The woman found a prescription bottle for a well-known AIDS medicine, dated December 2000, in Womac's home, and detectives say medical records obtained with a court order show that Womac tested HIV-positive in July 1998.

If convicted, Womac could serve 10 years in prison. The nurse has so far tested negative for HIV. "The victim we're dealing with now hasn't slept in a long time. She's very nervous and very upset -- full of anxiety," McDavid said.

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