Mental illness contagious?


Dr. Bob,

Do you feel you can get mental illness by having unprotected sex with a mentally ill person. I had sex with this girl who was on Zanax and I thought I had HIV. All my tests are negative and my Docs can't find a cause for my symptoms. Now my partner is having some of the same mental issues I'm having such as difficulty concentrating and staying asleep. she knows nothing about my sex with this other girl so it's not because she's upset about it. It's been just over 2years since I had sex with this other female. My Doctors are not helping and I sware it's contagious because of my partners symptoms now. Could you please suggest some other STD's or disease that might mimic HIV. I'm desperate and just want to move on. I've got muscle and joint aches, numbness in hands and feet, headaches, difficulty staying asleep and fatigue.

PS: I once heard having unprotected sex with an indiviual you take a little something from their family health history. Do you believe in this?



You "take a little something from their family health history" when you have unprotected sex????? What the hell are you talking about???? Let me guess. You were home schooled, right?????

Mental illness contagious??? No, My Dear, it is not. But then again, there is the case of Clueless Dubya, Scary "Torture Boy" Cheney, "Can't Remember a Thing" Scooter, Dummy Rummy, Karl "Slime-Ball" Rove, Thomas "Indicted" DeLay and Bubblehead "Doing a Heck of a Job" Brownie. Gosh, maybe you're on to something.

Regarding your case, if your tests are all negative and your doctors can't find a physical cause for your symptoms, it's time to consider a psychological cause. Hey, you wouldn't happen to work for Bush, would you?

Dr. Bob