Men performing oral sex on female with mouth cuts is the inserter or receptor?


I am a 55 yr. old male.I have been irresponsible over the last few years by frequenting the service of prostitutes. I had always used latex condoms for intercourse. However, I received and performed oral sex with this population of women. I have a tongue anatomy that is fat, very cracked, a sometimes bleeds superficialy. I always niticed that i had small abrasions and nick like cuts that were around by fingernail cuticles. These superficial yet slightly open wounds of the skin area around the cuticles. I was naive and ignorant that there is an outside chance that I could be infected with HIV These many regretable sex encounters took place over a five year period and ended two years ago. My heath fortunatly has been excellent. Yet, I am frightened to take an HIV test but have no choice to do so within the week. I give me some reality checking. I a previous response you mentioned that the insertor as opposed to the receiver is more at risk for oral sex. Though it was my cracked tongue performing oral vaginal sex does that make me the one at more risk: ie vaginal fluids getting through my cracked tongue into my blood system? The posible crises and my extreme anxiety is that I have had unprotcted sex with a woman I love very much. My sex escapades are of the past and I want to remain monagamopus with this woman. We started to have unprotected intercouse approx. three months ago. I am petrified that I may have given my my girfriend HIv. The reason for my concern is that she has very unusual symptoms of fatique and a nasty discomfort in her upper chest. Breathing is labored. She went to her internest last week and was diagnosed with aminor lung infection in her left lung. The Dr. gave her five days of super potent antibiotics and was confident that she will feel fine in three or four days. It has been over. She completed her meds and now over a week has gone by and she feels just as uncomfortable in her lower throat and chest and just as fatiqued. There are no other symptoms such as headaches, rashes, or nausea. She too will be taking a HIV test. I just need your opinion(not quaranteed) that she is not hiv positive. Even if you feel it is unlikely I promise we will both get tested immediatally. If she has a good old fashion lung infection why hasn't the perscribed meds worked? Her Dr. assured her that these drugs are spcific for such lungc problems. Is a early symptom of HIv a lung infection with flu like symptoms that are innafective for this symptom of HIV? Please DR. I am so concerned. Your anwers either way will prepare me better for a very frightening next few days as the test comes in. What are the chances? Thanks very much and I really think your site is tremendously informative. Your involvement with this casastrophic disease is very important. Regardless of my Hiv results, I will be devoting some of my time for aids volunteer work. I alo will be emptying my huge bottle with ten years of change to you for a contribution towards your cause. I'll even convert the change to paper money. Sincerly, N


Hello N,

The risk of HIV transmission from oral sex is extremely low. Your fears, even with your tongue problems, are unwarranted.

Your new girlfriend's lung infection and fatigue are not worrisome for HIV.

What are your chances of being HIV negative? Excellent!

You can read much more about cunnilingus in the archives. Thanks for your donation. In return, I'll send my good-luck karma that both you and your new main squeeze are HIV negative, OK?

Dr. Bob