Meds after Sex


Hello, I am a gay male. I was having sex with this bottom guy and he told me that if we had unprotected sex, and took something like doxycyline afterwards for a few days, then are chances of catching anything ir rare. What is the truth and history on this?



No, that is not true. Doxycycline in the proper dosage and taken for the appropriate number of days would treat an active chlamydia infection, but it certainly would not protect you from a whole host of other STDs, including HIV and gonorrhea, etc. I suggest you educate your bottom boy ASAP! Both of you should spend some time reviewing the information about STDs and STD transmission on this site and its related links as well as in the archives of this forum.

Get informed! Failure to do so would lead to tragic consequences.

Stay safe to stay well.

Dr. Bob