Is Medicago Sativa safe if you have HIV/HCV?


I started taking chlorophyl (medicago sativa, alfalfa) until I read that it can be harmful for those living with immune suppression. It made me feel much more energetic and clear headed, but I am worried about using anymore due to the effects on the immune system. Would you advise someone with hemophilia, HIV, and HCV to use it if they were asymptomatic?



Would I advise someone with hemophilia, HIV, and HCV to use chlorophyll if they were asymptomatic? No, I certainly would not! "Asymptomatic" means you have no symptoms. So what are you treating? Also, those of us with HIV and other associated conditions already have to take way too many pills. Why would we want to add unnecessary ones? There is also increasing concern about possible drug-drug or drug-herb interactions. Before adding anything - medication, over-the-counter products, herbs, nutritional supplements, etc. - to your prescribed antiviral regimen, always check first with your HIV specialist. My personal preference is to stay away from all non-essential meds and products, except, of course, Viagra, which could indeed be considered essential. Stay well.

Dr. Bob