What the meaning of a functional cure?


Hello Dr. Bob, I m Marc from Beirut-Lebanon, 29 years old started HIV therapy from 3 month. It is a new different life for me trying to deal with it slowly slowly. The world and scientist are talking about a promising Functional Cure. I would like to know from you please what the meaning of a functional cure? Does it mean that a functional cure should be done every month or every year or just at times when the immune system needs it? Mean that the cd4 and viral load should still need to be under check if a functional cure worked in the future?

Marc from Beirut. Thank you Dr. Bob


Hello Marc from Beirut,

Check out my recent three-part blog "The Search for a Cure Heats Up" on The Body's blog page. In it I discuss the concept of a functional cure for HIV.

Dr. Bob