Maternal HIV status on child's medical record


2 years ago I gave birth to healthy twin boys. They don't have HIV, but on their health records if says maternity hiv as a preexisting condition.

We are now in the process of applying to preschool for my sons and on their physicals they each have maternity hiv as a condition. Is there any way to remove that from their charts? I mean they are not HIV positive and they are not at risk of transmitting anything. Having it on their chart discloses my status. I feel like it outs me when dealing with the school district.

If they are not HIV positive why does it matter that people know that they had maternal hiv?


Belated congratulations on the birth of your children.

It is standard medical practice to solicit and record information about the health of the patient's parents. Despite the fact that federal and state privacy laws protect against the disclosure of HIV-related information, a parent's HIV status that is contained in a child's medical record often does not have the same protection. For instance, either parent is legally entitled to obtain their child's medical record, even without the permission of the parent whose HIV status is contained in the records. Similarly, if a child's medical records are required for school admission, a parent may not be able to assert their own right of privacy as a basis to withhold the records. Rather than go down the difficult and likely unsuccessful path of requesting that your children's pediatrician delete information from the medical records, ask for abstract of the chart. The abstract can include vaccination and other health information relevant to school admission, while still protecting your privacy. This is a common problem for parents with HIV. Please write back and let us know whether the pediatrician was willing to accommodate your request. Your experiences may be helpful for other parents facing the same issue.