Masturbation and Immune System


Dr. Bob,

Not a question, just a comment.

If masturbation lowered your immune system (as some yokels have implied) this world would be and "estrogen only" world, cuz all the guys would be dead.

Happy Holidays from an ex WW


Hi Sticky Fingers,

I, for one, would certainly have been pushing up daisies a long, long, long, long time ago if this cockamamie theory were the least bit true!

Happy Holidays to you too!

Dr. Bob

Mastubation/Sex Immune Nov 29, 2008

Hi there again I have read your reply to my comment. Well first of Im not republican I hate them, I dont even stay in the US.. But about your answer this sickness is only for some people and almost never for girls. (I wanted to be one, great suicidal depression about that) So orgas does decrease immune you can go and check it out.. People who have sex more then three times a week have lower Iga levels (check on scienceagogo) I dont get my info from forums or dig it out of my ass and I think its wonderful that you have so much expertise that a hell of alot ! Anyway you can even ask Dr Newman Lin on actionlove he will tell you the same thing. Also the more orgasm the less hormones and the more prolactin.

Thank You for reading

Response from Dr. Frascino


You want me to check "Science-a-go-go" and "Action-love" to become better informed about my field of expertise???? Don't you want me to check the "Journal of Irreproducible Results" too??? Sweetie!!! As I mentioned before (see below), you are welcome to believe any whacky theory you find on the Internet, but please don't try to pass them off as valid scientific facts here.

Dr. Bob

Masturbation Nov 18, 2008

I read that you told a person that masturbation does not effect the immune but you are definitely wrong !! Every time I do it to much (2-3times) and I ejaculate I get flu. I did it 6 times this week and I'm sick now as I'm typing this. You can check it out on the net, it does effect the immune system. All of your doctors really should do some research before you answer a question. You are suppose to be the experts !!

Thank You ;)

Response from Dr. Frascino


Let me get this straight. You think what you read on the Internet is more valid than my four years of medical school, one year of internship, two years of pediatric residency, two years of immunology post-doctoral fellowship and 28 years of clinical experience??? Hmm . . . did you happen to vote for McCain, because you thought Sarah Palin would be a great vice president???

As for your theory that masturbation affects the immune system, sorry Charlie. You'll have to find another reason for your coughs and colds. I can jack off far more than six times a week and I haven't had the flu in years. But you go right ahead and believe whatever you want or whatever you happen to find on the Internet. After all, whatever anyone posts on the Internet must be far better advice than anything we mere experts could possibly provide, right?

Dr. Bob