Marinol+Sustivia+illegal drug testing


Dear Dr. At this time I am taking Sustivia, Combivir, Difulcan, Serzone, Xanax, and Marinol.My work place performs random drug testing. I am very worried about one or more of these drugs giving me a false positive. Especially the Marinol and Sustivia. Am I going to test positive for marijuana, or any other illegal drugs? Thankyou Bob


Dear Bob,

If you are taking marinol, you will test postitive for marijuana. It is not a false positive - marinol is THC, the active component of pot, so it is what the test is looking for. If you have a doctor's letter, that may not be a problem, but of course it will likely suggest that you are HIV positive. I don't know if that would be an issue for you at work.

Sustiva can give a false positive test for marijuana with the screening tests. However, if the test is followed up with the more specific test, it will be negative.

None of these drugs should give your a false positive test for any other drugs however.