Many small cysts or lumps undersiside of penis


Dear Dr, I am 32 years old and away(abroad) from my wife for last one year and never had any sexual activity except masturbation. About one month ago,I found many small cysts or lumps of different sizes mostly undeside of the penis.They are also under the skin layer and more near the penis root.When I squeeze any cyst,a thick, white material comes out from a very tiny hole. There is no pain in these lumps or cysts.Please guide me about this. Thanks



Why write to an HIV-information Web site for advice if you've had absolutely no potential HIV-risk exposures?

I cannot diagnose your small cysts over the Internet. Certainly without any potential HIV exposure they are not HIV related. From your description they could be small sebaceous cysts. I would suggest you see a dermatologist for a definitive diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Bob