Manufacturer Agrees to Cease Unproved Claims About Noni Juice

Claims that Tahitian Noni Juice can cure diseases are no longer being made by Morinda, Inc., the product's manufacturer.

Noni Juice has long been talked about in the HIV community as an alternative therapy for the treatment of HIV disease. Morinda, Inc. has claimed that its product can stimulate the growth of T-cells and restore immune function. The company makes similar claims of cures for diabetes, cancer, depression and a list of other diseases.

According to the attorneys general of Arizona, California, New Jersey and Texas, these claims make Tahitian Noni an unapproved new drug under state and federal laws. Without the approval of the Food and Drug Administration, which requires reliable, reproducible scientific evidence of a drug's ability to treat a disease, it is illegal to sell a drug for the treatment of a specific disease or diseases. Calling Tahitian Noni a drug under these conditions stops the manufacturer from using unproven claims to sell their product.

Under the terms of the multi-state agreement, Morinda, Inc., will:

  • Stop making claims that Tahitian Noni can cure, treat or prevent any disease until it is cleared for those uses by the FDA.

  • Make no other claims regarding the benefits of Tahitian Noni until the company can verify those claims.

  • No longer use consumer testimonials which imply that results are "typical" or "ordinary" unless the company can verify those results.

In addition Morinda, Inc. must pay the $100,000 used by the states mentioned above to investigate Tahitian Noni, and provide refunds to any consumer who requests a refund in writing.

John Slovick is a treatment advocate in AIDS Project Los Angeles' Treatment Education Program. He can be reached by calling (323) 993-1526 or by e-mail at

This article has been reprinted at The Body with the permission of AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA).