"manscaping" before sex?


I have a question. I am a sexually active male and I like to "manscape" (my preference) so that I can look smooth. So I have been going to see "escorts" but before doing the deed. I manscape hours 2 before sexual activity. I practice safe sex. I use a condom for vaginal intercourse. I researched in the web that it's not that advisable to manscape since your skin might have small cuts or irritation due to shaving. I get tested every 3 months since I have multiple partners. So am I at higher risk for HIV since I manscape? What would you suggest? Shave or just trim?


I'm going to start with question #1, "Am I at higher risk for HIV since I manscape?" The answer to this is no, there is no scientific increase of HIV transmissions because of manscaping.

HIV is a pretty difficult virus to acquire. In order for it to sexually enter in your body it would have to be directly deposited from her vaginal fluids into your urethral tissue, their rectal tissue into your urethral tissue, or a man's semen into your own rectal tissue. Even if one has small abrasions from manscaping, there is no known increase of HIV risk.

There are, however, some studies that have shown an correlative relationship between manscaping and other STIs, possibly because of the small cuts and irritations you describe: https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19533592/manscaping-and-sexually-transmitted-diseases/ . Again these variables MAY put you at greater risk for more transmittable STIs, but not HIV.

Now to question #2 and #3: "What would you suggest? Shave or just trim?" I'd personally say neither.

Most men have been conditioned to believe there is something ugly or horrible about their body hair. This was particularly true during parts of the late 1990s and early 2000s when porn became more accessible on the Internet, and men learned to internalize shame and judgement about their natural adult bodies. Fortunately, many men have since challenged those oppressive standards, and reclaimed their sensuality and power in expressing their true hairy selves with sexual partners. I'm all in favor of this change.

But what matters most is how YOU feel about this decision. I ask my clients to seek clarity in their grooming rituals: Are doing this out of fear or out of joy? If shaving your pubic hair results in a genuine sense of serenity, empowerment, and pride, then by all means cut that stuff down. But if like many men, removing hair is accompanied by a sense of shame about one's natural state, embarrassment and fear about one's body, then I'd recommend considering not shaving and embracing all of your follicular beauty in its full glory.

But if you're worried about HIV, fear not. You can be as smooth or hairy as you want -- neither increase nor decrease HIV risk. Enjoy!